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Fatigue is one of the most injurious conditions to health and lack of energy is like a power failure in the body - your liver cannot function effectively, kidney, circulation and absorption will be poor and you will be prone to depression. A person's concentration will be weakened and they will look grey and worn. However there are ways of dealing with these problems. Check your energy level by considering the following questions:

1. On waking do you wake rested and ready to get into the day with vitality or take ages getting up, feeling sluggish and heavy?
2. After eating your lunch are you full of energy and eager to get into the rest of your day or ready to call it a day?
3. By the end of the day, do you feel like the day has taken its toll and are ready to get into bed or you are still on the go?

If your answers to these questions show that you generally feel tired then here are some tips on how to increase your energy levels.

1) Drink more water - dehydration is a major cause of fatigue and sufficient water is needed in order to facilitate basic metabolic processes within the body.

2) Exercise - the key to rejuvenation and better blood circulation is exercise. It is easy to stop exercising when you are feeling sluggish. But doing a light workout or brisk walk will enable you to keep your energy levels elevated.

3) Practising a de-stressing technique on a daily basis sets up the relaxation response within the body. After a busy day unwind in a bubble bath with your favourite scented bath foam. Put on your favourite music and take some time out for yourself. Play a game of football or join in a dance or yoga class. This allows the muscles, internal organs, and brain to take a deep rest, resulting in improved energy levels.

4) Foods - eat protein foods and ensure that you eat nuts such as: almonds and hazelnuts and fish at least three times each week. Sardines are an ideal option for lunchtime. For extra vitality eat spicy foods, such as chillies and ginger.

5) Avoid sugars, alcohol and caffeine as these products deplete your adrenal glands and have a dramatic effect on energy levels. They can leave you feeling sluggish and irritable.

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